Caramel Apples Are Back

Published : 09/18/2018 09:36:43
Categories : What's Cookin'

Catherine's homemade caramel applesIt’s still a little early to pull out the wool sweaters or talk about crisp, fresh mornings, but that hasn’t stopped us from ushering in the autumn by surrounding delicious apples in our chewy caramel.

It’s the staff who usually end up eating the first caramel apples of the year before we can even get them out of the kitchen.

Purists know that it’s the chewy, gooey caramel wrapped around a great apple that has just the right mix of sweet and tart that makes our homemade caramel apples so extraordinary.

But it doesn’t have to stop with caramel. We also have apples coated in caramel topped with sea salt and dark chocolate to make a gourmet treat.

Dark chocolate covered sea salt caramel apples from Catherine's Chocolates

Sadly, our caramel apples are only available in the shop -- or some of the local fairs and festivals we attend -- because the fresh apples don't fare well in the mail. Our homemade caramel, on the other hand, can be shipped all year.

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