Coconut Snow Caps

Published : 06/12/2017 05:25:09
Categories : Meet the Family

A hard-to-find treat that’s made some customers giddy with excitement when they spot them in our case, our handmade and hand-dipped Coconut Snow Caps are easy to pick out when you get a box of assorted Catherine’s Chocolates.

Coconut snow caps hand-dipped in milk and dark chocolate

We mix shredded coconut with just the right amount of sweetness to create a bite-sized chocolate with a touch of the tropics. While chocolate-covered coconut is especially popular in an egg form around Easter, we keep our equally delectable snow caps on hand all year long because snow caps shouldn’t disappear when the real snow melts away.

And speaking of real snow, even though it's blazing hot out there, we're happy to be working in the air conditioning and keeping these days a memory:

Outside of Catherine's Chocolates with snow piled up around the sign that says open

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