Cream Egg Time Is Here

Published : 03/23/2018 09:33:39
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A closeup of Catherine's Chocolates homemade cream eggs

There is a very special feeling of anticipation that starts up right after Valentine’s Day and culminates right now — a few weeks before Easter. We know it as Cream Egg Time, and it puts together the best of our homemade fudge and creams.

Don’t get us wrong, the creams we make year-in and year-out are great, and they have many fans. But a box of homemade Easter cream eggs is even better, in our humble opinion.

There are a few reasons:

  1. A touch bigger than our creams, the cream eggs have a little more filling to give you a bit more cream with your chocolate coating of choice to give you two or even three bites per piece.
  2. The mix of flavors and consistencies. We make our creams in vanilla, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, orange, coffee, maple, chocolate and coconut creams. But cream eggs come in pecan caramel, chocolate fudge, raspberry, maple walnut, marzipan, caramel marshmallow, buttercream, peanut butter, not to mention nut and fruit — a flavor we make only for cream eggs.
  3. If you’ve been following our Meet the Family series, you know every piece of chocolate we dip gets a mark so we can always tell what’s what. But cream eggs get very special decorations all of their own so each one looks fantastic.

Cream eggs are also among the first Easter goodies we make that disappear from the shelves, so you’ll want to come in soon!

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