An introduction to the Catherine's family of chocolate

Published : 05/11/2017 04:50:18
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Catherine's is a family-run business -- has been since Catherine's uncle first opened the doors in New York City more than 50 years ago. While there's plenty to find out about the people still hand-dipping the chocolates today, that's not the family we want to start introducing you to (at least not right now).

Instead, we want to prove Forest Gump's mom wrong. While we could also eat about a billion chocolates, here are Catherine's we do know what we're going to get. 

And we want to let you know too.

Get the hang of the code of swirls, shapes and letters on each piece of chocolate, and you’ll never have a half-eaten piece left in the box again. 

That's why, right here, we're going to start sharing what the lines on top of our chocolates mean. But, we're sorry to say, there isn't an international chocolate code, so these explanations will only apply to our hand-dipped chocolates. 

Use the comments below to let us know which of our chocolates you want to know more about. 

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