Peppermint Thin Mint and Wintergreen Patties

Published : 10/27/2017 03:03:15
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Silky smooth peppermint with just the right amount of refreshing bite, our Peppermint Thin Mint Patties have a flavor that can't be matched by the overly thick (and crumbly) competition. Then there’s the invigorating, pink-centered Wintergreen Patties with a sweet and refreshing taste that doesn’t deserve its reputation as s winter-only treat.

chocolate covered pepermint thin mints and wintergreen patties

If you've been lucky enough to stay at The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge or The Porches Inn in North Adams then you're already familiar with our chocolate covered peppermint patties — you had them wrapped in foil and placed on your pillow.

We dip both our Thin Mints and Wintergreen in your choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate, so you won't be able to see the pink wintergreen and white of the peppermint, so how can you tell one from the other if you get a mixed box?

It's as easy as a stripe. While the peppermints get dipped and unadorned, we mark the wintergreen patties with a strip across the middle to make them easy to distinguish.

And here's what our homemade peppermint thin mints look like before they're covered in milk or dark chocolate.

Peppermint patties waiting for dark chocolate

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