Thanks to a Berkshire Blast to the Past

Published : 02/27/2018 09:26:03
Categories : What's Cookin'

We’re giving a big shout of thanks to Bambi Johndrow for sending us a message on Facebook about the group Berkshire Blast to the Past and a discussion happening there before Valentine’s Day about the shop.

It’s a closed Facebook group, so we won’t post any names or screenshots here, but we’ll just say that reading about people’s memories of the store — and (let us be honest here) the many compliments — really made our week.

And as it was the week of Valentine’s Day in a chocolate store when we were all running around like Cupids with our heads cut off, hearing about what you remember from the store and about how you still enjoy the chocolates we dip every day was wonderful.

If you’re from the Berkshires and miss the place, we can really recommend joining the group. And if you want to keep up with Catherine's, you can also join us on Facebook - or subscribe to our newsletter.

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