Shipping & Delivery

Summer Shipping Notice

Our creamy chocolate doesn't cope well with the sweltering summer temperatures, but we certainly understand not being able to go a season without chocolate.

Our most important advice is, however, to give us a call rather than ordering online. We'll check the weather and be able to work out the best possible delivery option. We're available toll-free at 1-800-345-2462 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the East Coast.

Even in the summer, we do our best to make sure you can enjoy a summer chocolate treat.

First, to make sure your package does not sit in a hot warehouse or delivery truck over the weekend, we only mail packages on Monday and Tuesday. If it's a delivery to New England or New York, we will also ship on Wednesday.

Second, all packages, regardless of destination, are sent with an ice pack to help ward off the worst of the heat. Ice packs add $3.00 to our shipping and handling charges. This is why the total for shipping charges is $3.00 higher than cooler months.

All of your packages are mailed using the United States Post Office's Priority Mail and delivery confirmation services.

Our regular ground shipping rates are:

1 pound - $9.95
2 pounds- $10.95
3 pounds - $11.95
4 pounds - $12.95
5 pounds - $13.95
6+ pounds - $3.00 per pound