Shipping & Delivery

How it gets from the shop to you

We love chocolate and know you do too. This is how we make sure your order gets to you -- or the lucky person you're sending a gift.

Packages generally leave our shop within 1 to 2 days - unless you've asked us to hold off on shipping until a certain date. We mail our packages using the United States Post Office's Priority Mail and delivery confirmation services.

We're happy to meet any special requirements you might have, such as next day delivery and international shipping, but can only do so over the phone. If you need faster or international delivery, please call us at 1-800-345-2462.

Our regular ground shipping rates are:

1 pound - $9.95
2 pounds- $10.95
3 pounds - $11.95
4 pounds - $12.95
5 pounds - $13.95
6+ pounds - $3.00 per pound